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Currently the Idaho Enhanced permit will allow you to carry in 7 more states then the standard permit, as well as Idaho State Universities.

This class is an 8 hour class and includes range time where 100 rds will be fired. We will be breaking it into, 1- 6 hour classroom portion and 1-2 hour range portion. Depending on the time of year we will be doing it in 1 or 2 days. Part of the Classroom portion will be taught by an attorney.

There is a qualification score at the range, this is a pass-fail course.

Cost: $150.00 per person.
Payment must be made to reserve your spot. This class fill’s up fast.

You must bring your own firearm, eye protection, ear protection and 100 rds of ammo to the range portion.
A holster, 3 magazines, or a speed loader will be helpful


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Handgun 101

Basic Fundamentals
This class is required to take more advanced classes.

In the class we will cover:

– Firearm safety rules, Firearm safety rules, Firearm safety rules!!!!!
– The structure of a firearm, how they work
– Considerations in ammunition
– Proper stances and grip
– Sight alignment
– Over all shooting fundamentals
– Proper maintenance and storage of a firearm

Cost $150 & 100-150 rounds of ammunition (Not included in cost.)

SpringField XD

(4 hours of instruction)
This class is designed to introduce you to handguns. It consists of 2 hours of classroom time and 2 hours of range time.


Handgun 102

Handgun 101 is required to take 102.

This class will cover:
– Review all of the firearm safety rules and range safety rules.
– Review basic fundamentals of shooting
– Work on similar drills we worked on in 101 class

Cost $150 & 250-300 rounds (Not included in the price)


(4 hours of instruction)
This class is designed for people that took handgun 101, enjoyed it and want more education but aren’t quite ready for handgun 201. This class will be 4 hours at the range.

Handgun 201

Handgun 101 is required to take 201.

This class will cover:
– Review of all fundamentals
– Draw from holster
– Malfunction clearing
– Multiple targets
– Magazine changes

Cost $150 & 250-300 rounds (Not included in the price)


(4-5 hours of instruction)
We will begin with a quick review of the handgun 101 classes. We will review the fundamentals from 101, with an emphasis on the Firearm Safety Rules. Then we will hit the range.

Handgun 301

Handgun 101 and 201 is required to take 301

This class will cover:
– Review of all fundamentals learned in previous classes
– Introduction to shooting with movement.
– Shooting from various realistic positions.
– Combining 101, 201 and 301 lessons.

Cost $150 & 250-300 rounds


(4-5 hours of instruction)
We will begin with a review of 101 and 201. We will then begin to introduce the student to situational targets and a more defensive mindset.

Carbine/ AR Rifle 101

This class is a fundamental class on the carbine/ AR rifle.

You will learn the safety rules, the nomenclature, how and why the rifle functions, how to field strip the rifle and clean it.

At the range you will learn basic shooting positions, aiming and safe handling.

This is a 100 round class. (Ammo is not included in the price.)

You will need a rifle, 2 magazines, eye protection and ear protection. Knee pads are optional. We do have rifles for rent if needed.
Cost is $150

The class is taught by Eric Kern:


Eric Keren is a former US Marine Corps Sergeant (E5) and civilian Police Officer. He entered the USMC in 2000 and left, as a reservist, in 2011. A veteran of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Eric spent his 10 plus years in the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve holding several Military Occupational Specialties. He has served as an Infantry Rifleman; Intelligence Analyst; and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Defense Chief. He held collateral assignments as a Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) instructor and as a Combat Marksmanship Program (CMP) instructor. Aside from several other awards, he has received a Combat Action Ribbon for actions in Iraq and a Navy Achievement Medal for work as an instructor.
As a Police Officer working for a Department in Los Angeles County, California, Eric served as a patrol officer, Too Good for Drugs instructor, Honor Guard team member, and Explorer Advisor. He entered the Department in 2004 and left in 2013. Most notably, after only one year on the Department, he was appointed as Rangemaster and Armorer. He is a Law Enforcement Tactical Firearms Instructor, MP5/AR-15 Instructor, and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Instructor. He has received numerous awards during his time as a Police Officer including meritorious awards for life saving, apprehensions of dangerous felons, and as a firearms instructor.

When not spending time with his wife and two young sons, he enjoys fly fishing, hunting, and any opportunity to be in the outdoors.

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