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535 N Locust Grove STE 120, Meridian ID  83642
Handgun Training.

 At Safe Sound and Ready we offer a variety of handgun classes for all levels of shooters. Whether you have never touched a firearm,just want to brush up on your skills or want to take your training to the next level we have a class for you.  

AR/Carbine Training

 AR sales over the last 10 years have gone through the roof, the question is are you trained on how to use one? Our series of AR/Carbine classes will get you confident on the breakdown, cleaning, loading, unloading, grip and stance.

Idaho Enhanced Concealed  Weapons  Permit

 The Idaho Enhanced permit allows you to carry in more states then any other permit as well as allows you to carry on Idaho college campus's. 


This class is taught by 2 combat medics with the real life experience. Whether you are a shooter, outdoorsman or a soccer mom that wants to be ready this will be great for you. Learn everything from basic bandage , wound care, splinting and using a tourniquet. 

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