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Red Cross, first aid symbol

In our Tac Med class we will be discussing the high degree of wound contamination in this environment. The long delay times between time of wound and surgery or medical care can be a high risk that if better prepared can help save a life. It's important to know if there is more than one victim how to triage appropriately. Higher echelon of care! We will be addressing the main points of wound care. The wound you can see on the outside may be the least severe regardless of how bad it looks. Upon completion of this course you will understand the importance of scene safety as well as making sure the patient is evaluated and resuscitated before doing wound care. We will be evaluating penetrating and perforating wounds as well as burns from explosions and blast.


We will delve into specific wound management issues such as patient assessment, bleeding control techniques, wound irrigation's, debridement, dressings, prevention of hypothermia, and wound closures. Lastly, we will discuss needs versus wants in your med bags. This course is designed to prepare you to know how use your equipment efficiently in your med bags when required.

Many people have taken a basic first aid class, this takes it a huge step further. As we take firearm classes or concealed weapons classes, it is just important to know how to administer first aid in case of an emergency. 

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