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Idaho Enhanced Permit 

This class will qualify you to apply for the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit it will also qualify you to apply for the Oregon concealed weapons permit. ​

Currently the Idaho Enhanced permit will allow you to carry in more states then the standard permit as well as Idaho State Universities.

This class is an 8 hour class and includes range time where 100 rds will be fired.


We will be breaking it into, 1- 6 hour classroom portion and 1-2 hour range portion.

Depending on the time of year we will be doing it in 1 or 2 days.


Part of the Classroom portion will be taught by an attorney.

There is a qualification score at the range, this is a pass-fail course.


Cost: $150.00 per person.
Payment must be made to reserve your spot. This class fill’s up fast.

You must bring your own firearm, eye protection, ear protection and 100 rds of ammo to the range portion.
A holster, 3 magazines, or a speed loader will be helpful.

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